Braeburn – Adopted!

Meet Braeburn. He is a beautiful and sweet gentleman.

Although he is 10 he acts like a dog half his age. He is gentle around people and kids and has lived with cats prior to coming into rescue. He knows his basic commands like sit, down, and he’ll even bow to his foster mom upon request (usually when she has a leash in her hand and he is anxious to get going). He and his foster brother do a 3 mile hike daily and he just loves to meet and greet others on their way.

One thing he does not like is another dog showing any aggression toward his group, then he can become very protective of his brother and mom; in particular smaller, yappy dogs. Other than that, he is playful, friendly and loving to all.

He is perfectly house trained, walks well on a leash, doesn’t dig, bark or mind being left to his own devices. He doesn’t chew and is not toy or food possessive. He also loves to ride in the car.

He likes to sleep with his people, if they’ll let him, but is also very content to use his doggie bed or an easy chair. He loves affection and attention and loves being pet all over, any time or all the time.