Meet Brandywynne and her new Family!

Brandy is a sweet, beautiful, playful, velcro girl who likes nothing better than lying at your feet unless, it is being patted and played with. She enjoys play and even play fights with the canine residents of her foster home and is very good about sharing toys especially if she is taking them away from one of her foster brothers. She enjoys tennis balls and is learning about the pleasures of chew toys and stuffed toys, too.

Brandy has a lovely, smiling dog face, great house, car and leash manners; in fact she will walk with you off-leash without any problem at all. She does rush the door, though, if she thinks that there’s a ride or a walk about to happen but, can easily be discouraged from making a scene of it.

Brandy loves people and she is good with children and other dogs; male dogs her size or larger are o.k. as long as they understand that, if she growls at them it means things like, this food is all mine or I’m not interested in sharing this person’s attention with you. Even so, she will gladly play wrestle with dogs who she knows regardless of size or gender.

Brandy (please don’t tell her I said so) weighed in at 88.5 pounds. She really needs to be at about 70 so, we have a little project in progress (that her new family should be committed to) to get her to her ideal weight. Perhaps as a consequence, she does not run very much and while she can negotiate stairs, except at bed time, she would rather not and she needs to be helped into the back of the SUV; folding stairs or a ramp would probably be appreciated. We are looking for a single story home without stairs (indoors or out) for Brandy.

Brandywynne found her new forever home!