Meet Branston!

Branston came to us a very sick boy in January. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized. Once he went to his foster home, he received a lot of TLC and within a few weeks was feeling well enough to look for his forever family. He was adopted for a couple months, but proved too strong and active for the couple.

Branston is a bit timid, so you need to take everything slow with him, understanding he’s just trying to figure out if it’s safe. He’s been through a lot – getting dumped at the shelter, sick, coming into a strange home with other dogs, healing, repeated vetting….he needs a family that will protect him and give him security and confidence.

He goes by “Toby”, is 7-8 years old, loves his walks, cuddling, and chasing balls. On his walks he greets kids and dogs very nicely. But because he is timid, we are looking for an adult-only home. Another mellow dog is ok, but Branston would be perfectly fine having you all to himself.

A yard with a pool or pond (larger than the one in his photo please), lots of walks and an experienced, patient family willing to take it slow and earn Branston’s trust. Branston connects with his people quickly. He has fabulous house manners, loves to sleep in your bed and lay by you on the couch.

Branston does have a bit of a low thyroid and takes one pill a day. He weighs 71 pounds.

Not unique to Branston, but his “love of the chase & hunt” got him into trouble. He gets very anxious and worked up about squirrels and goes into “a zone” when chasing them or hunting for a critter. Branston did bite a person when they tried to grab him during a chase. We want his family to understand this type of reaction, and be willing to implement other options if he chases squirrels. For instance, our Trainer who evaluated Branston suggested teaching him “LEAVE IT” and initially walk with a treat bag during the first 20 days of helping him feel safe in new situations.

If you are interested in adopting sweet Branston #4531, please inquire with his Representative at Branston is in rescue with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. His adoption fee is $350.