Meet Braxton and his new Family!

One year old Braxton is a very handsome boy with so much love to give. He is extremely affectionate and just can’t get enough pets and cuddles. He is potty-trained and has good house manners. Braxton was brought to the shelter as a stray. He was limping due to an injury. Xrays showed a fracture in his pelvis, which our vet did not feel was in a location that required surgery. Braxton was prescribed 5 weeks of keeping him quiet with no running or jumping. His latest xrays show that the healing is well on its way, but for good measure Braxton needs to have 4 more weeks of quiet living. He can have two 15 minute walks a day and should be fine after this. He isn’t supposed to play with other dogs or jump and run yet, but should be able to do all these things in time. Braxton is really good with other dogs when he is allowed to sniff them and say hi. But if they are across the street, he barks and barks because he wants to get to them and play! It may come across as hostile, but it’s anything but… he’s a lover, not a fighter! Being a very playful pup, he is too mouthy for young kids. We think he’d be too exuberant for cats also. Braxton loves to carry his toys around in his mouth and enjoys all his chew toys. Braxton wants to sleep in the same room with his humans on his own little doggie bed. Sometimes he will go into his crate by himself when he wants to have a little nap time. Braxton is a smart, sweet, willing-to-please little guy, but he could really use some training and guidance to become the best that he can be.

Braxton found his new forever home!