Meet Brenda and her new Family!

Brenda is an extremely affectionate, sweet, playful little Golden that would just like to be your best friend! Everyone who meets Brenda falls in love with her. She is so outgoing and wags her tail at you to say, “pet me! pet me!” Brenda is great in the home: she is potty-trained and she hasn’t destroyed any of her foster’s belongings. Brenda is okay left home alone for awhile, but she has so much love to give, she really wants to be in a home where there is a family member around a lot. Brenda loves walks and hikes and does well on the leash, but could use a little more training. Brenda has some basic commands and is eager to please. She brings her foster mom a toy every time she walks back in the door and in the morning when she first sees her. Brenda loves her stuffed doggie toys and loves to play ball.

Brenda is okay with dogs she meets briefly on the street on walks or that she meets in the Vet’s waiting room. But she needs to be an only dog in the home. We don’t know if she is just jealous of her human or also of there being another dog in her space. But play-dates and the dog park are probably not for her. Brenda would make a truly loving companion to someone who just wants to devote all their love to one little heart! We do not feel she would work in a home with kids in case another dog came around. Although super-loving, she is low maintenance and not so needy that she has to be petted all the time. Brenda’s foster mom says she is truly an amazing girl!

Brenda found her new forever home!