Meet Brianna and her new Family!

Brianna (aka Bree) is a beautiful high energy 1 year who is as sweet as she can be. Brianna was skin and bones and so matted when we found her and brought her into rescue, but with all the TLC and good quality dog food that she’s been getting her weight is slowly starting to come back on. She is housebroken, knows the doggie door, rides well in the car, walks well on a leash, and gets along good with the other dogs in her foster home. She takes correction well and is already learning some simple commands of sit, stay, and down, but could still benefit from some additional basic training. Brianna hasn’t been tested around cats or young kids, but because of her high energy and tendency to be a bit mouthy at times we think she’d do best in either an adult only home or a home with older kids that can’t be easily knocked over. We also think Brianna would do best in a home where they can devote alot of time and attention to her in order to get her through that puppy stage. Having a nice size backyard would be a plus along with having another sweet and easy going dog in the household to play with and that could act as a good role model for her. Brianna does have one addiction: TENNIS BALLS!!! She can become so fixated on the tennis balls that while playing fetch she will run over anything that’s in her path and play to the point of exhaustion if you let her. You may find that after a session of ball throwing you will literally have to put the balls away and hide them until your next session of ball playing. As far as sleeping arrangements go Brianna has a dog bed that she likes to sometimes sleep in, but there’s alot of times that she’ll prefer to be up on the bed with you so you may find yourself with a little bed partner at times! Then when morning comes get ready to be greeted with lots of ‘Good Morning’ kisses.

Brianna found her new forever home!