My name is Bridget, and I’m a loving girl who has come a long way to find my furever home. 

Bridget is a spayed female Golden Retriever who arrived in California from China, where she was among a group of dogs rescued from the meat trade and brought here in search of a better life. Her vet thinks Bridget is between 2 and 4 years old, but she still looks very much like a puppy.

 She is small, only 45 pounds, and her foster human is trying to get her to gain some weight. But given her age, size and stature, she’s not likely to get much bigger.

 Bridget is energetic and still has some puppy-like qualities at play. She is responding well to house training, though there may still be an accident now and then.

 She has learned several commands including sit, shake and lay down, and she is eager to learn more. Like many Goldens, she will counter surf for food if given the chance.

 Bridget likes to chew, so her new family will need to be vigilant and work with her to direct her chewing to appropriate objects such as her toys. She is still learning not to playfully mouth her humans. Her foster mom says Bridget exhibits some anxiety at being left alone and sometimes prefers to be in her crate.

 Bridget loves people and socializes well with other dogs, but she displays competitiveness for food and over-excitement could cause tension with other dogs.  

 She needs a family that will embrace Bridget’s unique qualities and background with love and understanding. She will benefit from some professional training as she smooths out her rough edges, which are understandable given the hardship and miserable conditions she endured to get this far.  Bridget would be best as a single dog home so she can get the security she needs to feel safe.

Bridget passed along these wishes via her foster mom:

 What I would love in a forever home:

  • A family that will be patient with me and understand I still need training.
  • A family that has someone home much of the time or can take me with them.
  • A yard for me to run around in and lots of toys for me to chew on.
  • A family that can take me on walks and throw the ball because a tired dog is a happy dog.
  • A family that will shower me with lots of love & let me know that I will always have food & shelter

If you are in need of a sweet, loving best friend with an international background and unique story, and can provide the home, love and care that Bridget needs, please contact her SCGRR rep at: 

 As an international rescue, Bridget’s adoption fee is: $1500

Bridget’s ID is 4692