November 24 Update

Just wanted to wish you Happy Thanksgiving.  I wanted to send you a very special picture, it only took 25 to get the golden shot.

Here is my Christmas card.

I am so truly blessed for my Max (AKA Briggs) . This photo shows how truly happy he was.

Snow doing her usual Princess stance refusing to look at camera. Every day i feel so thankful for Max and the love he and Snow have for each other and what i have for him. I am truly the luckiest mom ever.  I just finished making  him a Christmas stocking. I love Christmas and the dogs will be totally spoiled with toys and treats. Max knows when i try to sneak things in the house that belong to them. 🤣  He has such a good nose. 

Thank you over and over for my love. My mom will have lots of time with Max this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh what fun we shall have.  Enjoy the long weekend. And yes you can share the pictures and story.

Ps Max had Obedience with different dogs today and did such a good job. He still has some issues if a dog gets testy but we manage to diffuse. Found a new word, said with excitement JACKPOT.  When i say it it gets their attention, they get tons of treats and wow, they listen. It worked in the front yard with people walking their dogs to get them inside quickly with no issues. Love it when it works with both.

Thank you again for all my joy, laughter and love.

Oh yes Max now knows “Bath” especially when they are both naughty and covered in dirt. They both go to the tub and jump in. It is hard not to laugh but Max does it. He even will walk into the sprinklers, i think he likes the towel he gets after. What a silly boy. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving.



March 15, 2018

This loving boy that came into rescue because his owner felt that he needed more than she was able to give him in training, activities & time. It did not take long for Briggs to find his perfect match!