Meet Brutie & Buckeye and their new Family!

Hi there, we are Brutie and Buckeye. We were loved very much by our previous family. They had to move out of country so they had no choice but to find us a new home. We are almost 7. Happy, beautiful boys. We are not brothers although we look just alike. We have been together since we were puppies though and love eachother very much. We are big boys. We are both very friendly but have very different personalities. Brutie would be very happy being a lap dog and just getting attention at all times. Buckeye likes exploring and curious and will sometimes not come because hes exploring something. Buckeye is also the confidence that sometimes Brutie needs. We are fine with other dogs. We are ok with cats too, although if your cat runs we will chase it. Kids are fine too. We are bigger but lived in a home with a young kid and loved her very much.

Brutie & Buckeye found their new forever home!