Meet Bryson and his new Family!

Allow me to introduce the very happy Bryson, an energetic 3 year old who needs lots of exercise and cuddle time. This awesome and handsome boy is on the hunt for his forever family, possibly including another playful canine brother/sister. Cats should be admired from a distance according to Bryson’s reaction to want to chase them, so his forever home should not have any of those temptations. His foster family reports he has good house manners he leaves their belongings intact and he is housebroken. Since Bryson came to the rescue pretty thin, his forever family will need to continue feeding him high quality dog food so he can gain some weight. He has basic obedience skills, but does pull on leash so he could benefit from a Gentle Leader during one of his most favorite hobbies….WALKS!!! He also jumps up on people when he gets excited, so he will need some help remembering not to do that. If you are seeking a furry soul mate and don’t mind a constant thumping tail, especially while cooking supper, this guy is the real deal.

We are looking for a special family who will commit to giving Bryson the exercise, affection, and training he needs to reach his potential. With that, he will be the perfect canine companion!

Bryson found his new forever home!