Meet Budley and his new Family!

Meet Budley, a beautiful 4 year old that has had a tough start. Budley came in to rescue after having no life, living on a back yard patio. He then spent some time out in the country and is now adjusting to suburban living.

Budley has had some obedience training in the past. He readily does ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘stay’ and appear to know ‘shake’ as well. He really looks forward to his walks, but needs a little help on his leash skills. He walks nicely with a Gentle Leader, but does get a little uncomfortable with loud trucks and motorcycles. He also can tend to lunge at fast moving things like skate boards and bicycles, but is easily corrected on a Gentle Leader. His foster family is taking him on lots of outings to get him more exposed to suburban life.
Budley is a very sweet boy. He can be reserved when meeting new people, though…especially men. However, he is starting to believe that all people come equipped with treats. With encouragement, Budley is meeting and enjoying all sorts of new people. Budley really likes other dogs, and gets along great with his canine foster sibling. He does like to be petted, is good at taking a bath, but isn’t quite certain he likes blow dryers yet.

Budley doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience with toys, but is learning that toys are fun to play with. He does really like a squeaky football. Mainly, he wants to be where the people are. Budley will do best in a calm household. Lots of activity or crazy kid stuff will probably make him feel insecure. He will really come out of his shell with some one on one TLC and additional training. He is a Golden in the rough, and will really shine with love, patience and understanding.

Budley found his new forever home!