Budster – ADOPTED!

Meet Buddy, Bud, the Budster…

Buddy came into rescue at 14½ years young after the only family he has ever known had to move and could not take him with them. Initially we thought he would become a permanent member of the SCGRR family but Buddy surprised everyone with his zest for life and tennis balls. He is a very healthy senior boy with the energy level of one many years younger. He loves to play catch for
hours. Yeah, he takes a vitamin supplement for the aches and pains of those in their golden years, but he hops in and out of the car unassisted and stairs give him no pause. Not a complainer…we should all age so well.

Buddy is a mellow guy. He loves people, tennis balls, naps, tennis balls, going to dog friendly restaurants and wine bars, tennis balls, walks, tennis balls, shopping (for tennis balls) and the beach…and tennis balls. He does great with other dogs but is not interested in playing (yup, just tennis balls) so would do well as your one and only. When his people are gone he usually naps and waits for their return. Buddy is housebroken, leash trained, loveable, and looking for his forever home. He thought he had one but life threw him a curve.

If you are looking to give a sweet senior boy a wonderful
“rest-of-his-life-no-matter-how-long-that-will-be” home and have a decent throwing arm, then Buddy is your guy. He is proof that age is just a number.