Meet Buffie and her new Family!

Meet Buffie, a gorgeous young girl between 1 and 2 years old! So far, it appears that Buffie is potty trained, but she definitely doesn’t have perfect house manners yet. So far, she has been pretty good about not chewing her foster family’s belongings. Buffie is a young girl and will need patience and guidance to learn all those manners! Her current challenge is not jumping on new people she meets.

Buffie does not appear to have any formal training. Her foster family is working on the basics like “sit” and “wait”, but Buffie’s forever family will definitely want to commit to an obedience class or two with her. She does walk well on her leash after the first 5 minutes or so, and really looks forward to her daily outings. Buffie is also being crate trained. She has shown interest in cats, birds and squirrels, but no inclination to chases them so far. Buffie does love chew toys, Nylabones and Kong toys make up a big part of her day. She also likes squeaky toys, but sometimes wants to shred those. Her other favorite activity is to romp around with her doggie foster brothers. Buffie does like other dogs and meets everyone well on leash. She does try to pull some dominance moves with other female dogs. For that reason, we feel she would be best as an only dog or in a household with tolerant male dogs.

Buffie likes meeting new people and new dogs. She does not like new, loud things. Even a potted plant falling over was a cause of concern for her. She had to keep checking the area for the next day or so before feeling confident again. Her foster family things maybe she didn’t get much exposure to new things in her early life and is trying to make up for that now. Buffie also has a bit of a foot fetish, and wants to pounce on feet in play. Her foster family is working on that as well. Because of the jumping and pouncing, we recommend a home with children over 7 years old.

Mainly Buffie behave like a true and loving Golden. She wants to be with her people and “help” no matter what they are working on. She is a snuggle bug, given the opportunity. She loves being petted and even considers getting her nails trimmed a form of affection!

Buffie found her new forever home!