Meet Bugsy

Bugsy is a flat coated retriever who came into rescue at the tender age of 5 months.

Bugsy suffers from bilateral buphthalmos, a congenital ocular disease. There is no lens in his left eye and the lens in his right eye is pushed way back so eventually Bugsy will be blind. 
Upon physical examination it was also determined that he had been constantly crated in small confines for a very long time as the muscles in his legs did not develop properly causing him to waddle like a duck. Eventually he was turned loose (or escaped) and was picked up as a stray, spending one month in isolation at the shelter before he exited by rescue. 

Bugsy has been under the care of Dr. Ashton of California Veterinary Specialists in Murrieta since intake, going in for testing every one to two months. Initially he was treated with four different kinds of drops/ointment for his eyes. He adores Dr. Ashton and gets so excited when he realizes he is going to see her.
He now lives with a foster family that has a little lab mix named Fauna. As Bugsy’s sight is fading he has started to rely on Fauna for guidance and comfort. The two have become best friends, quickly bonded and now Bugsy depends on her when he is feeling scared or uncertain. They are inseparable. He started getting plenty of exercise swimming and those muscles in his legs have gotten stronger. You can hardly tell there was ever an issue with his legs unless he is very tired.

On January 8, 2016, Bugsy had his right eye removed. Bugsy’s foster mom says “Bugsy is doing better since his eye surgery. I know he is feeling better with a lot of that pressure gone. He still has his bad days when no other dogs can be near him. We love him though and will work through the tough days.”


Trying to keep his other eye as long as possible, Dr. Ashton has now prescribed him new medication. Bugsy is so fortunate to have landed in such loving care.