Meet Bugzy!

Bugzy is a cute spaniel retriever mix that looks like a mini Golden of 32 lbs.  You wouldn’t guess that he is 13-years old because he is so active.  The best thing is with smaller dog blood in him he has a great chance of living longer than a big ol senior Golden.  He was sent to the shelter by his owner.  We believe he was an outside dog based on his matted coat.  He was surrendered with two other dogs whom he apparently lived with but doesn’t seem to miss on bit. He is not a real cuddler but he enjoys the company of his humans and is playful.

Bugzy loves his walks and does well on the leash. He prances along looking like everything is new to him in his new environment.  He looks at birds but does not chase them.  He has quite an interest in cats – to the extent we don’t think living with cats would be a good idea.  Bugzy was likely not walked much in his prior life and still doesn’t know what to do when he sees another dog – usually barking and growling to seem scary.  He redirects quickly, especially with a tennis ball.  He was introduced to his foster mom’s friend, Rose, and her two poodles, and after an initial brief growl and bark greeting, he walks well with them every morning and even has started to play with them.  At the shelter he was allowed in the social “play groups” and did well.  He would do fine as an only dog or if with another dog – one that makes him feel unthreatened along with a patient human to manage them getting to know one another.

A big part of Bugzy’s life is his tennis ball.  He loves to play fetch with his ball and is very, very good at it.  He loves to catch the ball in mid-air, and will play the game any way his humans want to, even a slow roll across the floor.  He is very clever with getting humans interested in his game.  He will place the ball next to you, if you ignore it, he will pick it up and put it on your lap or a table near you.  He’s exceptionally bright. When play is through, all you  have to say is “Game Over,” and he will usually lie down.  He’s never without his ball.

Bugzy loves to go for rides in the car.  He jumps easily in the back seat and is a good traveler.  His loves to go on short errands and to Petco.  He might bark occasionally when he sees people get too close to the car – a bit protective of his space.  He sleeps in the bedroom on a little bed and has done so since he came to his foster home.  Bugzy has stayed home by himself for about 3-4 hours with no issues. He makes himself comfortable on the sofa or ottoman. He is housebroken and has had access to his potty area as needed.

In his first foster home, Bugzy wasn’t wild about his foster dad and would back away when the hand reached to pet him or try to leash him. That wasn’t the case in the second foster home where he was just fine with foster dad.  Bugzy will bring the ball to ANYONE initiates a fetch game.  They key to Bugzy will be giving him time to get to know and trust you.  Plenty of ball play and patience. HE may never be a cuddler.  As a senior, we would like to avoid young children in his home.  He does love to play fetch with his foster mom’s granddaughter who is 11 years old.

Bugzy Playing Video 

If you you love tennis balls and walks, Bugzy would love to meet you.  Please contact David at .  He is currently living in Orange County.

Inquiries only entertained if your application and home visit are on file with SCGRR.

At 13 years of age, the minimum donation for Bugzy is $300

Bugzy’s ID #4480