Butterball – Adopted!

Hi, My name is Butterball. I try to be a good puppy and I love humans and other dogs.

I am mostly potty trained but I still have some accidents. I was released by my previous owners for being too mouthy with my sharp puppy teeth. I can also get possessive about things I think are mine and get very grumpy when they are taken from me.

I am good with kids I meet at the park but I am nippy with kids at my home. For these reasons, I cannot go to a home with children. I wag my tail and get super excited when my humans get home. I don’t like when you leave and let you know it by nipping at your feet and hiding your shoes. I am very smart so I need humans that will give me lots of attention, take me on long walks and play games with me.

I am good with other dogs and would like a companion that could play with me. I am great on the leash and I am a good walker. I don’t destroy things around the house, not even my dog toys, but if I find paper I will chew it up.

I love riding in the car! I would be great on long car trips and I am very cuddly. I also like new experiences but loud noises and barking dogs scare me.

I love food but am really good at not stealing it from you. I make a cute little piggy sound when I am hungry. I am very cute, but due to my issues with resource guarding, I will be required to go through dog training with an approved trainer. Someone that is dog savvy and has worked with a dog with resource issues is a plus.