August 18, 2017:

Sweet little Cali was an owner turn in due she had started trying to dominate, and fighting, with one of the older males in the home. Not knowing exactly how she would react with other dogs, she went to live with first time fosters and their sweet, goofy, submissive golden boy, George, who was really missing his mate, an older female who had passed away recently. George was thrilled to see Cali when she was introduced to him (poor guy, ready once again to be bossed by his sister), and Cali, knowing a wuss when she saw one, was happy to take on the role.  So, when the time came to put her up for adoption, we knew she needed to go as an only dog, or with another dog like George. Enter Bucky….very much like George, he too was a submissive boy who had just lost the older female he had lived with his entire life, and he too was also ready for a new girl to fill the role. He brightened up considerably when he met Cali, and even more so when she jumped in the car with them for the ride home, he was grinning ear to ear.