Callen – Adopted!

Meet beautiful Callen! He is a rambunctious puppy with a true Setter heart for mischief and play.

He came into rescue after spending many formative months isolated from people and dogs. He had a lot of trust and socialization issues but has blossomed into a wonderful, fun loving puppy in rescue!

As an Irish Setter he is our beloved Golden’s very active Sporting Group cousin. He can run circles around even the most active Golden for hours a day and will maintain that puppy-like energy for many years to come. Callen is not happy unless he is running! He loves going for walks and will make an excellent running partner when he’s closer to two and his body has matured. For now, he loves hiking and walking more than almost anything else in the world! At the end of a fun filled day, he will reward his person with a long snuggle as he falls asleep with his head in their lap. When he’s not walking or playing with his people, he enjoys romping with his foster siblings.

Callen would do best in a family with another high energy dog that likes to run. He enjoys wrestling but prefers a long hard game of chase in the back yard. His favorite play mate is his Irish Setter foster sister who knows how to play with him. While a four legged companion is very important for him, they need to be patient and easy going. Callen will push his foster siblings to play long after they have tired out. He will even tug and drag his foster brother across the floor by his tail! Golden tails make great tug toys!!!

With his high energy comes a HIGH metabolism. Callen came into rescue grossly underweight and struggled to catch back up because he is in constant motion. Ideally, Callen should gain a few more pounds but that will come with time and good nutrition. He needs a high quality diet with a good protein to carb ratio. He eats about quadruple the amount a Golden twice his size will eat. His new family will need to be prepared for the expense of feeding him or he will quickly lose weight.

Because Callen spent so much of his early life isolated he came with some fear and separation anxiety. He has come so far in his foster home but still struggles with being left alone. He forms a very close bond with his primary person. When he feels abandoned he will jump enclosures up to 4 ½ feet or more to try to get to his people. He also knows how to open lever style door knobs. His foster mommy was very excited the day he let her take a shower alone! He will need some continued work with his separation anxiety but he will always need close human and dog contact.

He is crate trained but will need someone home most of the time as crating a dog with his energy long term will lead to behavior problems. He loves his doggy door since it gives him the freedom to run outside without being locked away from his people. Free access to go between the house and the yard will be very important.  He also loves Doggy Day Camp for times when his people have to be gone for more than 4-5 hours.

Callen has a moderate to high prey drive and cannot go to a home with small animals, especially birds. He is a relatively quiet boy until the neighbor’s parrot starts squawking –  then his prey drive kicks in. He does very well with children and would enjoy an active teen that is eager to walk or run him daily. He is not well suited to a family with very small children though. He does not understand his size and would easily knock them over. Please no toddlers or babies.

Callen knows some basic commands (sit, down, relax, go to your bed.), is housebroken, rides very well in the car and has learned some good house manners. He pulls on leash and will benefit from more training, ideally in a group setting to continue his socialization. Callen needs a dog savvy family familiar with high energy breeds.