Cameron – adopted!

I’m Cameron and I live with my best friend, a young boy called…Cameron! How did that happen? Cameron has a mum and dad too, but he’s much cooler than them!

I am a golden mixed with something so I’m a bit smaller than most Goldens. However, I was lucky because I got the part of them that loves to cuddle and be with my humans doing whatever they are doing!

I am pretty much house trained, thanks to my foster mum and dad, and my best bud Cameron of course! I might have an accident here or there but with a little more patience I’ll figure it out.

I’m great with people, ok in a car, I walk well on a leash and I have lived with 4 cats. FOUR! I barked at them at first but now I tolerate them, or they tolerate me, not sure which it is. If they run though, I’ll still chase them but I won’t hurt them, I just think chasing them is fun!

I have had no training at all prior to coming into foster care and I am not socialized well with other dogs so I need a family that will commit to taking me to full training where I will be with other dogs and the trainer will help my family with that. As such, we think it’s best that I go to a home with no other dogs for right now or a dominant dog as I will submit to them.

I am not really a barker, but I will bark at other dogs when I see them or they come near the fence. I would love a home with kids – school age is best because I still have that little puppy mouthy-ness right now and a mid level active family would suit me great.

I am affectionate and have a gentle nature. I don’t show any signs of separation anxiety so you don’t need to be home ALL that time. I am crate trained for night time til I get big enough to be trusted not to be in it though I haven’t chewed anything in my foster home so far.

My favourite things, other than people, is tug of war, fetch and chase! I am so looking forward to going to my forever home, one that will commit to getting me into training so I can become a good doggy citizen! I’ll repay in kindness and kisses and hugs.