Meet Cammie and her new Family!

This sweet little thing is Cammie. We are not sure why but somehow she ended up at the shelter with no one to love her. She was quickly rescued by one of our wonderful volunteers, received some medical treatment at our fantastic vet and was whisked off to her new foster home. At first Cammie had to be kept quiet as she healed from her spay but she was soon romping and playing with her big Golden foster brother. She loves to play, play and then play some more. She can hold her own with the other dogs and likes them both big and small. She is curious but OK with her foster kitty brothers although she requires supervision with them. Because she is a puppy everything is a potential chew toy. Cammie loves the human kids in her foster home but is a little mouthy so kids over 8 would be best. Also, since she is a high energy puppy she should have someone at home with her most of the time.

Cammie found her new forever home!