Captain America – Adopted!

Captain America is pretty mellow for his young age. He is housebroken, has nice indoor manners (he can be a bit of a sneak if you leave a treat on the counter) but has not been destructive at all ~ well unless it comes with a squeaker.

Cap is very smart, knows a few commands, and takes treats gently. He is great with dogs of all sizes and kids of all ages having lived with children ages 1½ -14 y since he was 7 weeks old. Captain was relinquished for resource guarding so we have had him evaluated. It has never been over food, only bones and an occasional toy but it is for this reason we will not consider a home where a small child resides full time. Although he has been a joy in foster care, this new family will have to commit to consulting a trainer and working with him using positive reinforcement training techniques. It is only fair to Captain that you all work together.

Cappy’s ideal home would be with an active family that will give him plenty of exercise. He does need work on his leash manners as he tends to pull very hard. Captain loves to run, chase after birds and squirrels, play tag with is human pals, explore, and follow his foster dad everywhere. He has a great time at the dog park and makes friends easily. Captain has lots of energy but can be calm and relaxed for hours at a time given he has had the proper exercise. He rides well in the car so road trips continue to be a favorite.

Hmmm, what else can we tell you? He enjoys the daily company of his foster golden brother but prefers human company. This video, debuts his playful side with a dog close to his own age but he is respectful of older dogs who may not tolerate his antics. Captain is always up for a long walk or hike, play at the park, and loves a good snuggle but will happily sleep on his dog bed when directed. His keen interest in birds and squirrels does not make him a candidate for a home with cats.