Captain America

Captain is a lovely, sweet boy and pretty mellow for his young age. He is housebroken with great indoor manners and has not been destructive at all ~ well unless it comes with a squeaker. Cap is very smart, knows a few commands, and takes treats gently. He is great with dogs of all sizes and kids of all ages, having lived with kids ages 1½ -14 y since he was 7 weeks old, and was very tolerant of their new puppy. Cappy loves to play and explore and he follows his foster dad everywhere.

When Captain came into rescue he had a bump on his head. It turned out to be a cyst that was successfully removed and determined to be benign. That is the funky haircut you may notice in some of the pictures. In the short time he has been with us his fur has almost completely returned.

Captain was relinquished to SCGRR because he growled at one of the younger kids in his previous home. Having had him since he was a puppy, this was the only incident and since they do not know the cause they decided to give him up to rescue. We have tried to test him in all sorts of scenarios. His foster pop has removed toys, his food bowl, and food from his mouth without protest. We cannot reproduce any food or toy resource issues. Through trial and error we have discovered he is protective over his beef bone. He growled at the resident dog when he got close and once at his foster dad when he tried to take it away. We removed the bone from the equation (forever) and the problem has not recurred. It is for this reason we will not consider a home where a small child resides full time.

Hmmm, what else can we tell you? Cappy is a real sweetheart that will make some lucky family very happy. He enjoys the daily company of his foster golden brother but really wants his human being around. Captain is always up to take a long walk, play at the park, or just snuggle. He has not been tested with cats.