This beautiful gentleman is named Cash – he is a very loved dog. Unfortunately his family has to make the ultimate sacrifice and give him to rescue for adoption. Unforeseen circumstances have resulted in them doing what’s best for him and finding him a quiet home without a lot of change.

Cash will do best with a family that shows him kindness and are ok with him not being a typical outgoing Golden. He is more on the shy, sensitive and mellow side. He walks super great on the leash –  left side with no tugging. Cash will stop and sit when using the “wait” command. He does great in the car and enjoys a good breeze with windows open.

Cash is shy with strangers, especially men who have a dominant energy. He warms up to women fairly quickly however. He will do best if children in the home are over 10.

Cash loves to play ball, walk the trails (he does not like busy streets with lots of people/cars/motion), and his stuffed toys. He is not comfortable at dog beach – too much commotion for him.

Cash gets along with both dogs and cats – but will chase a bunny if given the chance. He lights up when he is around other medium sized calm dogs and will happily play.

A funny thing about Cash is that he is extremely camera-shy and will leave the room if he even hears the shutter click! So to get a picture, it takes some distraction 🙂

Cash is a velcro dog and loves the company of his beloved humans. He sleeps in his bed(s) but does enjoy a comfy sofa. He tolerates his baths and is finally discovering that the towel rubs are worth it!