Meet Castle, a.k.a. Max, a stunningly gorgeous, blonde, muscular, block-headed boy who is looking for a family that will be the center of his universe. Yes, Max is a Velcro boy who wants to be a lap dog. He craves the physical touch and is such a sweet, gentle soul.

Max is great with children, indifferent to dogs, and has not been tested with cats. He is looking for a home where human companionship is constant, even if just laying at your feet while working from home. He loves, loves, loves, his people. Max isn’t the kind of golden that likes to play fetch although he loves (and is gentle with) his toys. He has never been destructive in the home.

Max is strong willed and listens when he wants but doesn’t have any behaviors to speak of. His perching is not to be mislabeled as counter-surfing, he just likes to stand on his hind legs and put his paws on anything that will keep him close, within immediate hugging distance.

Max is housebroken, could use some work on his leash manners, and is vocal when riding in the car. He has not yet been introduced to water because while in rescue he has had a persistent ear infection. While it has improved significantly and he is now on oral medication we do not know when it will resolve. Our wonderful veterinarian believes that it is most likely allergy related and Max may be one of those goldens that will always have minor ear issues but this should not prevent his adoption.