Meet Cayenne and his new Family!

This gorgeous fella is Cayenne. His heart is so full of love & he’s such a happy boy, giving tons of kisses & always wagging his tail.

Cayenne’s previous owners kept him as an outside dog, but he sure loves being inside with his foster dad. He truly gives new meaning to the term ‘vel-cro dog’.
He perfectly content at his foster dad’s feet & sleeping up in bed right next to him (but does sleep on floor if he must).

Cayenne is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise. His foster dad is getting a workout with at least 3 long walks a day. His ideal forever home would have a large yard, or property to run & exercise on. His leash skills needs some work, but he’s just such a happy boy, he settles down after awhile. He just wants to please. He loves going for rides, & absolutely LOVES it when his foster dad takes him to the dog park.

He’s the perfect gentleman & plays very well with other dogs, both large & small; but chases cats & birds, so a cat-free home would be best. He plays well with children too; yet being so energetic, he’d probably be a better fit with children over 7yo. Maybe a child that would play ball with him.

Cayenne found his new forever home!