Cedrik & Jordana – Adopted!

Meet Cedrik and Jordana .

This couple is a stunning bonded pair who have lived their whole lives together. Cedrik is a big handsome guy weighing in at 92 lbs, while Jordana, his mate, is a petite 60 lbs. Besides their frosty faces, their thick coats are a deep golden red.

They are both extremely playful, and love carrying anything around that will fit( or not fit) in their mouths-stuffed toys, tennis balls, nylabones, – you name it – they will carry it. When they see you coming, they will run and fetch a toy to proudly present to you if their mouths are not currently occupied.

They are both great at meeting and greeting all who cross their paths on their favorite pastime-walks, be it people, other dogs and especially kids with whom they are very gentle. They are very well-mannered-they will patiently sit and wait to eat until you let them know it is time, and not before. They know both sit and lay-stay and shake remains a work in progress.

They enjoy being brushed, and love to be pet- they will roll over on their backs, especially outside in the grass, hoping for some belly rubs and some all over lovin’. They are both totally housebroken, and non-destructive when left alone in the house.