This gorgeous pup is Cena ~ a fireball of energy ~ earning the name of Pepper in his household. He is your typical sweet golden, amped-up about ten times with his me, me, me, me , me, my turn, attitude! He gets along famously with his foster siblings, playing with sister Molly and respectful of the older dog, Patrick. Cena loves everyone he meets. He is great with dogs, kids, but we think cats would not fare well in the same house.

Cena came to us with no training. He still does not understand boundaries so will need a family dedicated to teaching him appropriate manners. Cena is very smart so he will learn the ropes in no time. He has learned to open the gate so is probably a candidate for lots of tricks too ~ such a clown! At 70+ pounds of muscle, Cena is very strong and doesn’t have any awareness of personal space. He will bowl over kids to get whatever he has targeted, or wherever he wants to go.

Like everything else he does 150%, Cena excels in the snuggling department. He has received tons of love and attention, which he craves…seems to be making up for lost time. For all of his enthusiasm, he knows when it’s time for bed. At lights out and the TV off, he quiets quickly…maybe because he gets to sleep with mom and dad. He has not had an accident in the home where a door is always left open for outdoor potty access when needed.

As a young pup, this boy needs lots of exercise. With a fabulous backyard, pool included, the majority of Cena daily exercise is playing with Molly (and dad), and swimming. Cena loves to swim so a pool would be a BIG plus! Watch Cena on a floatie in the pool!