Please help me introduce Chad!

This red coated boy must have been a prince in another life, for he is as charming as they come. In fact, his foster mom calls him Charles, because she really does think he is a prince. Charlie, ( his real sire name) is a 3 year old lover that needs some tender love and care.

Like a true Golden, Charlie loves everybody and just cannot help greeting you with jumping. For this reason, kids over 7 would be a best. The good news is progress has been made during his stay with his foster family. However, in Charlie’s defense, he needed to be neutered upon his arrival to the rescue, so his exercise has been very limited. A basic training course would be very helpful for Charlie’s zesty spirit.

It seems like Charlie might have been left outside a lot and maybe sometimes ignored and could use a refresher on basic leash manners. Charlie also could use some healthy weight gain and coat improvement. On the other paw, Charlie has many heart capturing qualities you might not be able to refuse.

Charlie loves car rides! He loves to cuddle and sleeps all night in the crate or anywhere you are. He is very well house trained and chooses a private spot in the yard to do his business.

Charlie has left all human belongings untouched. He did try to counter surf once. and he is not interested in the trash. Charlie is complete gentleman and does not beg nor splash his drinks around. So far Charlie loves all toys and will chew them up sometimes. He has not been cat tested, but we were told he is not bothered by them.