So… they named me Chai. I think it was because of my beautiful color. Maybe it was because I’m sweet like the tea.

What they didn’t know is that I have the energy of all the caffeine in a strong cup of coffee. I’m 18 months old and all puppy. Don’t let the photos of me laying around fool you.

I’m not saying I’m a bad boy. I listen well, and in the short time since I entered the rescue, I’ve learned a lot of new tricks. I can sit, stay, come and shake hands. Pretty smart and talented if I do say so myself. I can also dig under the fence, hoard all the balls in the backyard and run circles around my foster kids.

I’m a bit of an escape artist, but I just want to be with my people, so I found a way to get to the front door. Again, pretty smart, if challenging for my people. So far I haven’t wandered very far but a secure back yard is a must. A doggy door, so I don’t feel left out, would be a nice thing to have in my next home.

I’m living with some very small kids and I’ve been very gentle and safe with them. The only squabbles have come over who’s toy is who’s. I’m fairly certain they are ALL for me, but my foster mom has a different opinion. I’m learning to drop and share, but it’s a work in progress. It might be best if I have older kids in my life. Maybe they can teach me the retriever part of golden retriever. I think they made me a golden receiver by mistake.

I’m going for a walk every night, but I think I might find it easier to be a good boy with a little more exercise. I just have all this pent up energy waiting to get out. My foster mom says I’m spirited, not hyper. I’m just such a happy dog. Mostly I just want to be with my people and give them love. I also have lots of puppy kisses to give to the right family. One of my favorite things ever is to be brushed until I fall off to sleep, preferably in your lap.