Meet Chaney!

Charlie (Chaney) was relinquished after his previous owner, unfortunately, passed away. When we received him, he was 150 pounds as a result of over feeding and having had very little exercise.  He is steadily losing weight, with frequent walks and a great diet provided by his current foster family.  Other than his weight, he is a very healthy boy.
Charlie is a loving, kind, gentle-natured and affectionate boy, and loves being near his foster family, following his foster mom everywhere. He is always happy and ready for a walk or a cuddle, and loves chilling out on cool floors. He is an all-around fabulous and caring dog who just wants love and affection from his future owner(s). 
Despite being 9 years old, he is fairly energetic and has a young personality; he also loves to lick his human’s hands and face. While Charlie loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, he doesn’t really care to fetch – possibly never learned. Hopefully he will be happy to play more as he continues to lose weight. He is very social and likes to meet new people, but doesn’t necessarily show any regard for other dogs around him. 
Charlie has not, as of yet, been to the beach, so we’re not yet sure whether he enjoys the water/ocean, but hope he will have a chance to find out in the future. Charlie is a very smart and obedient, and knows “sit,” “stay,” and “lay down.” After losing 16 pounds, he is now able to climb stairs to be with his family at night. Charlie loves going for walks and exploring the neighborhood, and is very good on a leash. He gets very excited when his foster mom pulls out his leash, and runs to the door immediately at the sight or sound of his leash. He is adorable as he jumps up and down with excitement, especially first thing in the morning, but never jumps on his humans.
He is not aggressive towards humans, other dogs or the cats he meets out on walks. The only time Charlie ever barks is when he is home and someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. He’s happy to meet other dogs, but may also bark in response if barked at aggressively, letting them know he’s no pushover. 
Charlie loves to eat!! He loves kibble, treats and sniffing human food and he will stare at his humans for food, but will lay down somewhere else when told no. He will eat a rawhide very fast but is also very gentle when given treats. He is currently on weight management kibble and gets veggies or limited healthy treats for snacks so that he can reach a healthier weight.   
For Charlie’s forever home, we are looking for an active home where he can continue to walk several times a day in order to lose and later maintain his weight. He is apparently fine with another dog in the house, or would be happy as the only one. It is preferable that his new family is mostly home during the day, in order to provide him with the exercise routine he needs and help him to continue his weight loss journey.
If you would like to adopt this sweet mellow guy and make him part of your family, please contact his rep at Please ensure that both your on line application has already been submitted, and your home interview has been completed prior to contacting his rep.
At 9 years old, the minimum donation for Charlie is $300.
Charlie’s (Chaney) ID#4939