Charleston is an energetic 10 month old who is an owner turn in due to the family not having time for him. He has spent his entire life outside. Despite has lack of interaction with other dogs and people he is very friendly and has a great personality. He gets long great with our dogs and greets guests with a wagging tail, looking for attention.

Charleston enjoys wrestling, playing tug of war and being chased around the back yard. He is beginning to show interest in chasing the ball, but spends more time trying to grab the ball chucker. While he has lots of energy, he can also lay down and be a good couch buddy. He his a good to walker, although he can get excited by rabbits. He has not been dog or people reactive on his walks and we have seen no toy or food aggression.

Because everything is so new to Charleston he can be very, very curious about everything. That means putting his paws on the counter, sticking is nose in the refrigerator when open and pushing your water glass with his nose while trying to dispense ice into your glass. His new family will have to be aware that he will pick up just about anything in his mouth!

For Charleston to become a great family addition he will need lots of training and patience. He is not yet good at correcting. We believe he is house broken nor a chewer. Unless his new family has a dog that will let Charleston know when to back off he would probably do better as an only dog till he gets training. We also believe he would be great with kids but because of his energy younger children could get knocked down.

As we have mentioned Charleston has a great personality, is fun loving and truly fun to have around. If you would like to make this happy go lucky boy a member of your family, please make sure you have fill out the online application, and have had a home interview done before contacting us at

 His adoption fee is $600.

Charleston’s ID# is 4138