Meet Charolais and her new Family!

Meet Charolais. Well, we call her Charley. A Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, she is an energetic 1½ year old that loves to play with her toys and her foster brother. Raised on a ranch, she has lived most of her life outdoors. She got along very well with the resident felines but as she got older, her owners discovered that she could not peacefully coexist with the resident ducks and chickens. Charley gets along great with other dogs and loves to rough house and wrestle with her buddies.

In her foster home, she has adapted very well to indoor living. Charley is very smart and knows “Sit” and “Down” commands. She also waits to be told it’s OK to eat. Eager to please, she is a quick study. Charley loves her walks and has great leash manners but tends to get pretty excited when meeting new people. She is learning not to jump up to say hello. Charley needs a little more training to be completely house broken. Over the past few weeks she has had only a couple accidents. Living outdoors for her entire life, this is great progress! Charley loves her people and will follow them throughout the house. She also loves to cuddle on the couch with you.

Charley is really is the best blend of both breeds. A great family dog, she loves kids but combine that with a big, bouncy girl and someone is bound to get knocked over. She is not a barker but will let you when someone comes to the door. Of course, once she sees who is there she has made a new best friend.

Charolais found her new forever home!