Cherie is a young, gentle and especially affectionate girl. She is a bit on the smaller side, weighing in at only 60 pounds, with a beautiful reddish gold coat. She came to us from a young couple who was no longer able to care for her, a pretty common occurance. Her foster parents say she is an absolute pleasure to have around.
Cherie has great house manners. She is perfectly house trained and knows how to use a doggie door, and in a very ladylike fashion, where she should/should not do her business in the garden. She walks well on a leash, and at your pace, until an errant bunny or squirrel might catch her attention and excite her, where she might tug and bark a little. She is easily re-directed though. She loves water and being bathed and groomed, although a little wary of the nail trimmer. She loves all kinds of toys, and arrived with a red and white nylabone that she treasures. Often she will offer it to you, as a gesture of love. She loves to fetch it, or a tennis ball, quite well. She also rides well in the car.
Cherie is not perfect…although pretty darn close, ha! Although she did in fact live with a small dog, she seems to not have had much socialization with other dogs. She tends to have some leash reactivity to some dogs. Depending on the dog, she can be friendly, bark a bit while tail wagging, or bark more loudly, in a kind of annoying way-certainly to the other dog. She seems fairly clueless, at this point anyways, as to what proper doggie etiquette might be when meeting new dogs. Even at the dog park, while doing generally well with most dogs, running and fetching, she might react that way to a specific dog, who tends to give her that “Really?” look. Our feelings are that with more time and continued exposure to other dogs, that will improve over time.
While she is generally a very healthy girl, Cherie has occasionally had mild seizures. While with her foster family three weeks now, she has had three. She will sense something is wrong, lay on the floor, quiver for a moment or two, and she may drool a little. Her foster mom just comforts her during it, and once it’s over, she’s good as new. We have discussed medicating her with our vet, and at this point, have decided that her seizures are so infrequent and mild, we have not done so yet. If their frequency does increase, there are inexpensive medications available that would easily control them-that is a choice her new family would need to make.
Cherie is a great dog. She is happy, gentle, affectionate, and very easy going. She is happy to meet visitors, and will work a room easily, going to all for pets and love, big soulful eyes and wagging tail. She is great with kids, even very little ones. We do not know how she would react to cats, but properly introduced, and with a dog savvy cat, probably ok. If you feel that you would be able to give Cherie the perfect home, please contact her rep at

At 4 years of age, the minimum adoption fee for Cheri is $500.

Cherie’s ID # 4869