Chewie – Adopted!

Meet Chewie.

Chewie is a  wonderful, fun-loving and high energy golden mix. He is very self-confident and  strong willed and tends to have a dominant personality. Chewie has had a lot  of obedience training, he knows sit, down,stay, heel and comes when called as  well as other commands.

Chewie is a very loving and good dog. He is smart and a  quick learner with a sometimes goofy, clown like demeanor but he can be intense  and focused when he sets his mind on something.

He requires a lot of daily exercise  to burn off the energy he has. He loves his walks, long ones, and especially loves to run so would make an excellent running partner for someone.

He is  friendly and playful around people, but sometimes less so around dogs –  especially other dominant alpha dogs. He loves being the king of his castle  and his home and his people are his so he will need to be placed as an only  dog.

He is very affectionate but he needs a firm yet fair and loving hand in
order to establish that you, and not he, is the boss and leader. Once that has  been established he is happy to take his place within the household  “pack”. Therefore, a person who will display leadership qualities and  discipline, along with love and affection, would be the perfect home for this  intelligent, beautiful pup.