Meet Chill and her new Family!

This is Chill, a beautiful, light blonde girl who just needs some polish to be a wonderful companion. Chill doesn’t appear to have any formal training but is doing very well with the sit, down and wait commands, especially when a treat is involved! She walks almost perfectly with a Gentle Leader, but tends to dart around on a Martingale collar and is a powerful puller. Chill is a Golden with great potential for learning and is eager to please.
She will do best in a household without cats or small pets, as she thinks those things are fun to chase. This girl really wants to be with people and is happy to meet everyone. Most of the time, she sits politely to be petted with a little coaching. She does jump up when she is really excited and her foster family is working on that as well. Chill would do best in a household with older children or adults only. When out walking, she truly wants to explore and reacts calmly to loud noises, construction work, cars and bicycles. The only thing that really concerns her are dogs barking at her. Chill walks calmly with other dogs and plays well with her canine foster brothers.

Chill started out as an outside dog, so she is currently being crate trained. Her house manners are pretty good. She has stayed off of the furniture and counters so far, but she is still learning her boundaries. Chill is also starting to figure out that toys are fun and that she is allowed to play with them. So far, stuffed squeaky toys are her favorite. We are looking for a family who will commit to the exercise, training, and love that Chill needs to thrive.

Chill found her new forever home!