Meet Chipper and his new Family!

This sweet boy is Chipper. He is a little shy at first but after a few days he is a love bug. He came to rescue quite over weight and takes a thyroid pill to help with his slim down – he has lost 10 pounds so far! He also takes a Zyrtec for itchy skin but that’s not uncommon in Goldens. Chipper now loves to ride in the car and go on walks around town. He enjoys his foster brothers and sisters – both canine and human and is very good with children. He is ok with cats. He is “Velcro” and a leaner, loves to be close to kids and adults (humans are the bomb!) He has a soft mouth and is very gentle. There is not a mean bone in this guy. His foster mom says “I personally would consider him for the Canine Good Citizen Certificate.” Chipper’s house manners are good, he knows to use the doggy door and responds to sit and down. He does not jump, will not run and does not dig. He may have a slight tendency to experience separation anxiety noted by barking when you first leave the house. His foster mom does not consider it a big issue…..a dog buddy will take care of it. Basic obedience would be great….he is willing to please and learns the ropes quickly. If you are looking for a sweet, mellow and charming guy…want a companion to go camping or fishing or just hang around the house with…you may be Chipper’s perfect match.

Chipper found his new forever home!