Meet Chubbees!

Meet Chubbees (CHUY for short). He has been with us for several months and is very very happy in his foster home. Chuy is 9 yrs old (per the owners who dumped him and his two buddies at the Carson Shelter) Golden Retriever (total Velcro kind) and possibly Husky (see the eyes?) mix. Healthy, mellow, devoted, dog-friendly, routine-loving sweetie.  We have decided he’s best as an only dog, but with access to other friendly neighborhood or dog-park dogs to associate with. Chuy likes to have you talk to him, and I think he understands a lot that you have to say.
Chuy would like a family/human home most of the time. He is very well behaved in the home, but his prior life (we think) was spend alone in the backyard with his other doggy companions. Chuy would be great with a single man/woman looking for a constant buddy. Chuy does bark, seems to be protective of his home, and is the BOSS when other canines visit. He seems to want to “keep them in line”.
Chuy likes the little kids in the neighborhood, and greeting them at the park on our walks. He lives with a 6lb blind/deaf Maltese, and tolerates her…probably because she always leave food in her bowl that he gets to clean up…
Chuy expects a walk every evening. Can you provide that? Chuy will let you know (barks) when its time to go!  He loves belly rubs. He will sometimes dig his head in your lap and sweetly rest as you pet his thick coat of gold.  Chuy really likes other dogs. He chases cats and opossums. He will bark at anyone outside his home, fence or car. But once they enter the home, he is friendly. We have not yet tested him with the mailman or gardners, however…..keep the gate locked. He has a nice, protective bark.  He loves car rides, but leaving him in it while you run an errand is not recommended – he barks as you walk away. He is not a runner, but does like to “visit” your neighbors. Chuy comes home as soon as you call him – he is very devoted and obedient.
If you think that you can provide Chuy (Chooo-bees) the life he deserves, please contact his Rep/Foster at  . Chubbees is in rescue with in Southern California.

Chubbees’ ID#2344