This absolutely beautiful boy was Chuckie – aka Charlie. As you can see he was quite a handsome guy.

He was turned into SCGRR by his owner because they were downsizing. We noticed he had a severe limp and was not using his right hind leg at all.  His medical records indicated a possible ACL tear but he was never seen by the specialist as was recommended to his former family. They turned him into us instead.

Upon examination by our rescue vet Dr. Rachel Tuz, tests were immediately ordered. What we found was heartbreaking – osteosarcoma – bone cancer.  Dr. Beth Walter had to amputate his leg for pain management and while his margins were good and his lungs looked clear we knew that this deadly form of cancer had surely spread microscopically. Charlie’s best option was our permanent foster program where SCGRR medically cared for him in a loving foster home for as long as he had – a short 5 months.

In addition to his surgery Charlie’s ongoing medical care included the need for a canine cart to get around (the rescue had one but it’s too small,) regular vet visits, supplements, pain meds, special dog food and a rehab program with our Canine Physical Rehabilitation Veterinarian Dr. Caroline Goulard designed to reduce pain, restore mobility and support daily living activities. All of this was provided by SCGRR and made possible by donations.

Charlie had a wonderful time while living with his Permanent Foster Mom and Dad and his 2 Golden fur-brothers Jackson and Foxen. His favorite things to do included playing “roll-it-down” with Foxen, sleeping with Jackson on a single dog bed and swimming! He was welcomed into their home with loving, open arms (and paws!) He brought so much joy to their lives and they miss him terribly.

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