Clayton – Adopted!

 Hi my name is Clayton but my foster family jokingly refers to me as Cowlick Boy because of all of the cowlicks I have.

I was adopted by lottery  from the South LA Animal Shelter and went home with the guy.  Luckily an SCGRR volunteer was there and gave the guy his card.    Unfortunately,  my new adoptive family’s non-neutered dog didn’t vibe too well with me so luckily for me, they called SCGRR.

The vet says that I am about 2 years old, and my foster family lovingly says I am in my middle school phase because I haven’t quite grown into my body and can be a little awkward and clumsy.

I have been having a blast with my foster family and my 5-year-old Golden foster sister. I absolutely love roughhousing with her at all hours of the day (even when she is trying to nap) and chasing her/ being chased around the backyard. I am very high energy and love to play with other dogs even if they don’t necessarily want to play with me. My foster family has been working with me on my tendency to jump and counter surf. I’m very curious and if I see something I want that’s just out of reach, I’ll probably try to jump and get it (I’ve stolen a whole chicken breast from the counter which my foster dad was oddly unhappy with me about). If I get bored or nervous I can get a little mischievous and dig holes or steal things like stuffed animals, glasses cases, paper towels, or really anything I can get my mouth on.

Because of the cowlicks on my face sometimes people say I look angry, but I’m actually one of the happiest dogs around. My signature full body tail wag can be seen almost at all times. I have a bit of separation anxiety, but that mostly means I constantly follow my foster family very closely. I’ve been known to knock out your knees from behind you if you stop walking and I don’t get the memo in time. I also really love to sit in front of people and hold hands with them whilst staring lovingly into their eyes. 

I walk best with a gentle leader harness, otherwise, I can be a bit of a puller. Oh, also, I hate bunny rabbits with every fiber of my being.

What I would love from a forever family:

  • A family that has another younger dog for me to play with
  • A family with a big yard for me to run around in
  • A family that won’t leave me alone too much cuz that makes me nervous
  • A family that will be patient with me when I make mistakes and train me to jump a little less
  • A family that allows me to sleep with them, hang out with them and be a family member
  • A family that is active and can take me for daily walks, runs and hikes