Clementine – Adopted!

Somehow, this sweetie was picked up as a stray in the Coachella Valley and brought to the shelter there, and to our attention. No collar, tags, or chip, and no one looking for her, so we scooped her up. Now that she has been in her foster home for a few weeks and we have gotten to know her, we cannot imagine why she went unclaimed.

Thought to be about 4-5 y/o by the shelter, with a premature sugar face, she is potty trained and has displayed very good manners at her foster home, going after nothing that is not hers when left alone. She knows some basic commands but can have a little stubborn streak, pretending not to hear when she chooses not to. She walks a few miles a day with her family and loves to run and chase the ball a few times as well, in order to burn off even more energy. She loves her stuffed toys, and loves her tennis balls-while her foster family throw the ball for her a few times a day, she is happy to throw and play with her stuffed toys alone if no one is willing to indulge her. Full disclosure: if bored, or not tired enough, she has visited the flower bed and done a little digging, throwing the dirt clots in the air and trying to catch them, as she does with her toys. She loves to be brushed, really enjoys playing with the water stream from the hose. She has not lived with any dogs that we are aware of, but she has been friendly with small dogs who have visited the home. She is indifferent to dogs she meets on walks, and at the dog park had no interest in playing with the other canines, only her people. We do not know about cats. While Clementine walks well enough on a leash (she doesn’t heel, but she doesn’t pull) she does get a little-frightened walking on city streets, with traffic and other loud, unfamiliar noises-she will stop suddenly and freeze when she hears a loud car or motorcycle, but she will improve with familiarity.

Clementine is your typical velcro golden-she loves nothing better than being as close to her people as possible. From her foster mom: “ Sandy/Sunny, as they call her, has a sweet and cheerful disposition. She is lovable, and (mostly) obedient, wanting to please her people. She loves to play but will play independently with her stuffed animal when left to herself. Not destructive at all. Energetic, but not hyper. Loves to be with her people pack, but shows no separation anxiety when not. She will get on couches, but is willing to stay off the beds, ha! She is curious, fun, loving and somewhat uncoordinated. She wants to obey, and make people happy. She seems to love everybody.

If you think you would like to make Clementine a part of your family, have submitted your online application and have completed your in-home interview, please contact her rep at

The minimum donation for Clementine is $500.