Meet Coach & Amalia and their new Family!

My name is Coach, and this is my sister Amalia. We are VERY sweet babies and we absolutely LOVE people. We love to go on long walks, and I’m always looking out for my little sister. I am slow though. I don’t really know how to catch a tennis ball, so I prefer to lie on my bed and chew on my squeaky toys. My sister though LOVES to play with the tennis ball. She’s quick and always steals my toys. I do like to chew on socks, so if you want to leave them on the ground, just know that I’ll pick them up and run around with them. However we don’t do very well with other dogs. We like it just being us. So we’ll probably need to go to classes on how to make new friends. We love to be indoors, and sleep with our foster mommy (when she invites us that is). We love to go on rides in the car. (In fact, we sleep practically the whole time!) We’re quiet, and we love to be close to our foster parents. Another thing, we do tend to pull a bit on the leash. So we do like to use our halties. Being home alone isn’t a problem. We’re very quiet and we’re house broken, so don’t worry about finding any ‘surprises’ when you get home. We’re good with little kids, and won’t knock them over. However, we’ve never seen a cat so we don’t know that we like them yet.

Coach & Amalia found their new forever home!