Meet Comstock and his new Family!

Sometimes the stars just get in alignment and things work out the way they were supposed to be. Comstock came into rescue as an OTI through our good friends at Northside Veterinary Clinic in San Bernardino. His original owner apparently didn’t realize that the cute little furry puppy would grow up into a 70 lb. dog with loads of energy! A friend of the wife of the owner took him in when this “unruly, dog agressive, counter surfing monster” was no longer wanted. He just needed socialization, and some basic schooling. The staff at our vet contacted Linda who naturally contacted Stevi who gave immediate Board approval. I came home from a business trip to not one foster but two along with our girls….. It was a busy week, and we learned to keep the counters cleaned off!

Many thanks to our super rep, Linda Barlow for sorting through all the inquiries, and finding Tony and Annette of Escondido. Their beloved samoyed passed due to cancer recently at a very young age, and they needed a buddy for their Rusty, an 11 mo. Golden rescue boy. Someone home all the time, a nice yard to romp in, and weekend hike and trips to the beach. A perfect match. We introduced Koda and Rusty to each other on neutral turf
, and after the initial sniffing and posturing, the “boys” got to playing and goofing off and we knew they were buddies for life!

Comstock found his new forever home!