Corbett – Adopted!

Corbett has a LOT of energy! He’s a very big boy who is going to need an active family.

Corbett is a loving boy and he would really enjoy being able to sleep on the bed with you but he’ll take up most of it! He gets along great with other dogs, is curious about cats but doesn’t want to hurt them and like most goldens enjoys a ball and a bone.

Corbett knows sit but that’s about all he knows. So, his new owners are going to need to commit to training him to make him a good citizen. He takes treats very nicely. He’s not possessive of food or toys and shares nicely.

Corbett will counter surf and he jumps up on people though he is learning the command “off”. He is also very mouthy, taking your hand in his mouth, when he is excited and wants attention. Unfortunately, it is not a gentle mouth all the time, so for this reason he cannot go to a home with children under 10 years old. He will need a family to commit to making that, and the jumping up, a priority in training.

He still will chew a few things in the house if he’s bored or left alone too long – he’s chewed up a magazine and a remote control in his foster home so be sure to keep him occupied with other things. If you’re in the home he leaves everything alone.

He’s 100% housebroken, enjoys walks very much and dog parks would be super fun for him. He really wants to please so he’s going to be great in training!