Cruze – Adopted!

Meet Cruz, nee Joey, a high-energy, sweet, attention loving, velcro dog who comes to us from Korea.

When Joey arrived, he had very little training but his foster family has been working with him so he is learning what’s acceptable inside the house and what should be taken care of outside the house. Joey has had a rough beginning in life. While in Korea, he was found to be infected with early-stage heartworm. He has since begun treatment, is no longer infective, and is well on his way to being completely heartworm free. No, he has not had much, but now appreciates everything he gets to experience and would like nothing more than for you pet him 24/7. He will follow you around the house and is curious about all things but he has never chewed on or gotten into anything that was not his. He displays an ease in learning all new things, like walking on a leash and minding his manners in the house.

Like most puppies(and he is all puppy) he wants to see everything and has a tendency to jump up onto you, and he needs to be reminded to keep all paws on the floor. He tried the counter-surfing trick a couple of times but realized real fast that was not the way to go if you actually wanted a treat. He loves to play fetch and will continue to bring the ball back to you again and again. He’s great with other dogs and likes to share a good sniff and will move on.

Joey lives with another Korean rescue in his foster home and he really enjoys being with another dog. They play-fight and hold tug-of-war matches with the stuffed animals and chase each other around the yard. He is not aggressive and loves his playmate. Another dog in the house would be a great asset in showing Joey how the doggie world works since all this is new to him, and to help him expend some of his exuberant energy. He loves to go for a walk (and a run if anyone’s up for it) and will even bring you his leash. He would love to have kids to play with and throw him a ball or just give a good chase.

Joey is crate-trained and diligently working on being potty trained but needs to be let out often as a reminder of where he should and should not go potty. While he likes to be outside when you are there, he always wants to be with his human whether in or outside. He knows basic commands and walks well on a leash with some minor corrections. Like most dogs, not only rescues, he would benefit from a few training classes. Did I mention that Joey loves food? Probably due to his circumstance in Korea he eats very fast and could use a snack pretty much every hour, all day long. The good thing is that he is underweight so a few pounds would do him well. He is not food aggressive though and just appreciates everything he gets. He does try to eat the remaining food of his playmate but only after she walks away from her bowl. And he makes himself useful by cleaning up all crumbs left on the floor after their snack. Good boy!

We have never heard Joey growl at anything but he will let out a quick bark when he wants your attention or when the dog next door starts up, (it’s always the dog next door…right?) but not a big barker overall. He loves to ride in the car and has been to parks with other dogs where he has gotten along extremely well with all sizes and demeanors. Not sure how he would react to a feline as that situation has not arisen. Joey is a special boy who needs and deserves a home with a lot of love and attention. He desires to either have a dog buddy or a human buddy with him at all times. He does not do well when left alone, even for a short period of time. His new family must be able to give him a heavy dose of exercise every day, some additional training and in-turn he will give them lots of love.