Meet Curry, a sweet and endearing 4 year old girl with a lot of love to give.

Curry is a Velcro girl who loves to be close to her humans- sometimes as close as physically possible! Curry has had a rough start and was used as a breeder dog and kept in a small cage. As a result, she has had most of her front teeth removed and was missing most of the fur on her back end when she was first rescued.

Despite her rough start, Curry is amazingly resilient. She walks well on the leash, is not destructive in the home, and is housetrained. Most of the fur on her back end and tail has grown back, and she has blossomed into quite the red coated beauty.

Due to her dental issues, Curry will need to be on a diet of soft food. Although she is OK being home alone for a few hours at a time without being destructive, she would do best with a family that is home for most of the day. Due to the trauma associated with her previous life as a breeder dog, she should not be crated.

Curry would prefer to be your only princess so that she can soak up all of the love and affection she has missed out on in life. She enjoys playing fetch with tennis balls and soft plush toys. She is a bit of a goofball and has a tendency to jump up to “hug” you, so we recommend her for families with children over 10. She would also benefit from an active family who will exercise (walk, run, hike) with her in order to help temper her energy and excitement.

Here is a cute video of Curry