Meet Cutie

Don’t let that gray hair fool you!   Cutie is a sweet, loving girl, ready to give you plenty of joy.  She has been dieting to regain her girlish figure and with each pound that comes off her energy level and enthusiasm for life increases.

Cutie is fully house trained and ready to spend time with you indoors or out.  Her primary joy in life seems  to be spending time with her humans.   She has both a cat and a dog in her foster family who she is getting along with, although she would be just as happy in a home where she is the only pet and can have all of the attention for herself.

Cutie has spent time with older children recently  and is happy to be around anyone that pets her.  Her overall calm nature and good manners make her an easy dog to have around.   She does well on a leash during daily walks and loves to go out and explore the neighborhood.  She is a little apprehensive about getting into the car, but jumps right out when returning home…she loves to be home and needs her very own!

Cutie is looking for a loving home where she can spend plenty of time with you and be your best friend.