D.B. Cooper

D.B.Cooper came to our rescue from Arizona. He was in the shelter because his family moved away and left him in the yard. Poor baby 🙁 Concerned neighbors reported this to animal control and he was impounded.

The shelter reached out to us because this beautiful youngster is a Golden Mix and they wanted this “happy boy” to have a chance at a new furever home.

Cooper is a puppy! Being just a year old he has tons of energy, is curious, and loves to cuddle. He is a smart boy and wants to please. He could benefit from basic training…he is learning ‘sit’ and ‘off’ and pretty much potty trained.

He loves to take walks, play ball and tries to get his senior foster brothers to wrestle with him. He is easily corrected, pulls a bit on leash, loves treats, and will be under foot at all times.

As I said, he is a puppy…he would love an active home – one that would include him in most activities. A family with another dog would work with him…he loves the company.

He seems fine around kids..likes to play with cats. I think he needs someone home most of the time…after-all he is still a puppy and does need guidance .

He gives lots of kisses…very affectionate..has shown no aggression with food or toys. He has adapted to his changes very well. He is a sweetheart!