Meet Daisha and her new Family!

Daisha is between 1 1/2 and 2 years old at the most. She is a pretty young Miss who loves to have fun, and doesn’t seem to notice that she is ‘different.’ Daisha has loads of personality and lots of puppy energy! She tears around with her foster brother, Fenway, and the resident Golden, chewing on ears, legs and necks… then she may move onto furniture, rugs, mail, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses (in other words, some supervision and puppy-proofing the house is required). She has a great appetite, yet doesn’t put on weight. Because she’s a tri-pod, it is important that she remain slim. Daisha is very much a Velcro girl and loves to cuddle the evening away on the couch with her foster mom (after she gets tuckered out from rough-housing). She is generally potty trained, baby gate recommended at first. Daisha loves to chase and retrieve balls, though she’s a little reluctant to release them. In the garden she loves to eat grasses and help you dig, being a surprisingly efficient digger with that one front leg. She’s the most loving dog ever, and sometimes sleeps with her head right next to her foster mom’s. When Daisha is happy to see you she expresses herself vocally and becomes a mass of wiggles. For her ideal forever home, we feel that she needs another youngish dog her size to play with, a one-story home (since stairs are potentially hazardous), she needs to be allowed in the bedroom with her humans when she chooses, couch privileges, best no cats, no small kids, and a home where someone who is home more than not. Also, she does pull excitedly on the leash at first (weaving side to side), but then she settles into a more calm walk by the 2nd or 3rd block. But, Daisha would not be a good candidate for long distance walking or hiking.

Daisha found her new forever home!