Meet Daisy and her new Family!

Meet Daisy. Her foster dad calls her a “perfect lady”. She is a great dog with a large amount of love to give and except. She loves to be pet, and go for walks. Daisy has fantastic manners. She does not pull on her leash, and does not bark at other dogs on her walks. She does not chew on things, doesn’t counter surf, or beg for food when you have a plate in front of you. Daisy lays by your side when watching TV and sleeps at the foot of the bed on her blanket. She is good with cats. Her foster dad says she is respectful of the cat in her foster home. She has been learning to shake and fetch tennis balls (these are her favorite toy). She has been to the park to watch soccer practice, where she ‘worked’ the area, saying hello to everyone, kids and adults alike.

Daisy found her new forever home!