Meet 11-year-old young Dak! He came into the rescue from a local family who rescued him years ago and found themselves moving out of state and worried how Dak would do with such a move. We happily rescued him with opened arms!
Dak is so very sweet, loving, mellow, affectionate and extremely gentle-natured. He is not a nervous boy; only if he hears a loud noise which will startle him. He isn’t fearful or skittish. He isn’t very active, but on occasion, if the mood hits him, he is playful and enjoys playtime with his humans or foster fur siblings. He has low energy and has shown no aggression while in foster care. He is very loyal, loves his humans and is very social. Although he loves his humans, he isn’t necessarily a Velcro boy and doesn’t need to be attached at your hip. He definitely LOVES hands on him and getting all the “pets” he can. You will feel many head nudges of him asking you to “pet me more, please”!
He does well with other dogs, will occasionally play with stuffed animals and shows only some interest currently with toys, which you are able to take from him easily. He does love his walks, which he walks very easily and doesn’t pull on his leash.
He LOVES to eat and does beg (like most dogs!) counter sniff, but doesn’t counter surf. Once again, he will take food gently from hands, which is good since his foster parents know better than to feed him during dinner, so he knows to go to the kids and get some from them!
Dak is housetrained, does well in cars and has slept on a blanket once or twice, but typically prefers the wood floor or area rug. He doesn’t seem to be interested in coming into his fosters bedrooms or even follow the other dogs. He just finds a spot and conks out and sleeps extremely well. He doesn’t know many commands, but does respond to his name and “come here”. He is not a barker and does like to be outside, but doesn’t go out alone; only with people or the other dogs.
He is fine when left alone, with no destruction or anxiety, as he sleeps quite a bit during the day.
Dak is a healthy senior, but like most, he has some arthritis that has been greatly helped by medication and that needs to continue; as he is now trotting and moving so much better! Because of this, stairs might be a challenge and if you have hardwood floors throughout, be prepared to help him gain his footing when he gets up!
For his forever home, we feel he would do well in a semi-active home. He’s a lounger, but does like walks and the occasional play time. He would enjoy a family, one person, or two! Since he is so gentle, kids would be great, also, as long as they are gentle with this handsome senior. He also would be fine in a home with or without a dog. This boy is such an easy fellow. He’s the perfect dog for most any home!

If you feel you are a great fit for Dak, have completed an application with our rescue and have had your home interview, please write to his rep and let her know how he would fit in your world @ lifeissweetwithagolden@gmail.com.

Adoption fee for this sweet boy is $300
Dak’s ID#  4237